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Why do performance management?

  • Promote strategic alignment between the individual and the organization
  • Facilitate decisions about employees when it comes to career management (see our link: career management), reward management, among others
  • Provide expectations management between the employee and the company, as they know what is expected of them and what the follow-up is
  • Gather and apply information about talents and training needs (see our training here)
  • Is a way to assess the predictive effectiveness of Recruitment and Selection

How to make performance management effective?

  • Clear relationship between the performance of the role and the impact of the results of that same role
  • The system must be able to differentiate between good and bad performance
  • The employee must receive a fair classification regardless of the evaluator
  • Those involved in performance management have to trust the process otherwise there may be problems with perception of fairness
  • All employees must understand the performance management system

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