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At Owen & Babbage, we help integrate new employees in your company. Onboarding is the first step to retain talent. The experience that is provided to new hires during the first few weeks will help them assimilate the mission, vision, values ​​and culture of the company itself.

There are important topics to consider when creating an Organizational Integration and Reception Program:

  • Clearly explain how your new employee can fit with in the organization
  • Detail what is expected of the role you will play, including an explanation and subsequent follow-up of the work
  • Raise awareness about internal policies, code of conduct, benefits, employee handbook, etc.
  • Explain the company's culture in a way that can be fostered through social and professional activities with the entire team, including meals, meetings and other activities
  • Appoint a mentor: Someone who has been with the company long enough to convey the company's values
  • Assess success: it is important to measure program effectiveness through feedback, turnover and productivity
  • If new employees feel integrated, the impact on the results of the team and the company can be outstanding.

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